Using Photo Booth Prints for Marketing

There is something about photo booth prints that I cannot quite put my finger on. Over the past 2 years, I’ve witnessed delight over the realization that the booths make prints that can be framed or mailed to friends. I have even met people who view the prints as collectors’ items.

Even so, many companies have yet to capitalize on this sentimental attachment to photo booths. They continue to print out flyers with their branding, services, and discount codes. They do this even though it is challenging and inefficient to measure the return on that investment – tracking how many people go home and actually use those flyers versus throwing them away.

What we do know is that photo booth prints are special to your potential customers. Our prints have their faces, their friends and family members, and capture a fun moment in their lives. They can even include your logo and promo code.

That same print is much more likely to make its way onto their refrigerator door or be sent in the mail to their loved ones. And that is why companies should use a photo booth at their marketing events. After all, people are attracted to the things that benefit them. As a photo booth owner for over 2 years, I can attest to the fact that people love photo booths and that they are here to stay.

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