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Making Birthday Parties Memorable

Growing up in South Africa, I would wake up early on my birthday and then look over my shoulder for the rest of the day – awaiting the moment when my friends and family members would pour a bucket of water over me. They waited for the perfect moment, when I had my guard down and wasn’t expecting it. Instead of blowing out candles and eating cake, being doused with water symbolized growth.

Fast-forward to 2020: I am now living in Denver Colorado where I work as a photo booth attendant. Each day, I witness families and friends coming together to celebrate a sweet sixteen, fortieth, or even ninetieth birthday. I am privileged to see the joy of younger generations trying to show their grandparents how to pose and use props, or the divorced couple who comes together to celebrate their daughter’s special day.

Adding fun and interactive element to birthday parties, photo booths create memories with family and friends that can be cherished forever.

These are the genuine moments that Choice Photo Booths captures for the customers who welcome us into their lives.

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